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Very nice studio, very nice staff. Owners are friendly, Kylie was very sweet, and Brad was very professional. And good looking.
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Matt Avatar
My new home away from home! Some say that baseball is the great American pastime. For me, it is ballroom dance. Studio owners Nick and Laura have created a culture of warmth, fun, and acceptance. I feel like Norm from Cheers when I walk through the door. The highly-skilled professionals--John, Leia, Brad, and Kylie greet me with smiles and hugs. My fellow students are welcoming, helpful, and kind. The monthly calendar is packed with a wide variety of classes and exciting events. I leave with a huge smile and can't wait to return!
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Louise Privette Avatar
Louise P.
4 star ratingOne of the first pieces of advice my dance teacher of 8+ years taught me when going out to a new studio is never mention your level of experience. Just say that you dance a little, leave it at that and keep your answers as vague as possible. Why? Because it allows you to get a vibe on the studio and the teachers. It's also a great way to ascertain if they put money before the art of dancing. Fortunately, that's not the case here.

It's clear that they're a nice, laid back and close knit dance family. Having just moved from CA, I was pleased to see a studio less than 5 miles from my new home. After unpacking the last box, I showed up with my younger sister, both of us hadn't gone dancing for more than a month, so obviously we were excited. Now, upon arrival, I asked how much it would have been for the social and group class. That's when I was informed that Arthur Murray doesn't allow you to pay for group classes or admission to a social unless you pay for private lessons. (I did call ahead twice and left a voicemail asking for a callback as I had questions. My calls weren't returned, so we just decided to show up. It would have been nice to know this beforehand. )

Since we were first time students, we were allowed one free lesson and to stay for the practice party. But after that, we'd have needed to sign up for private lessons. Now, all the teachers are nice and my sister and I enjoyed dancing with them along withthe other leaders at the party. But neither of us are ready to start up again with someone new, so we enjoyed our first and last evening at Arthur Murray's. The music was good, atmosphere was friendly, the studio was cool, the floor was solid and everyone was truly lovely to talk to. Afterwards, I did ask for referrals at the desk and was given the names of 3 places for us to dance socially and keep our technique up to snuff.

In short, if you're looking for a great place to begin dancing, I do recommend this studio.
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Hannah M. Avatar
Hannah M.
Got a chance to experience top notch dance instruction at the Community Paws event, Dancing with the Stars. If I lived in town would not hesitate to take lessons. Students and instructors were super friendly and helpful. Definitely good crowd.
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Stella Dearing Avatar
Stella D.

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